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TarHong Flower Slow Chow™ Pet Bowl, Medium


TarHong Flower Slow Chow™ Pet Bowl, Medium - Grey

  • TarHong Flower Slow Chow™ Pet Bowl, Medium - Grey
  • TarHong Flower Slow Chow™ Pet Bowl, Medium - Blue
  • TarHong Flower Slow Chow™ Pet Bowl, Medium - White

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Product Features

  • Made with 100% melamine
  • Featuring a Flower Design
  • Size: Medium
  • Food and dishwasher safe
  • Functional for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bowls and Feeders: Food and Water Bowls
  • Theme: Floral

Item #: DBW-FSC-M-1

PagesProduct Description

Keep your dog healthy and happy by using TarHong's Slow Chow Bowls. These bowls are designed to help with your pup's digestion by using a 3-dimensional layout. This layout will have your dog eating slower since there will be things in the way, allowing her to digest all of the food that she is taking in. Eating will become a game as well! Your pup will love figuring out how to get the food out of the bowl and into her tummy!

Each dog bowl is made of 100% pure melamine. Melamine is lightweight and durable, making moving the dog bowl incredibly easy. These bowls are also coated with a food-safe LG coating. This coating will protect the bowl while also adding a vibrant gloss finish. TarHong's dog bowls are dishwasher safe as well as break resistant. A non-skid silicone base will prevent your pets from sliding the bowl and causing an accident. Let your dog eat in style with these gorgeous dog bowls.

StickpinNotes on Use

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