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Maximum number of characters: 80

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Product Features

  • Dependable, Lightweight Anodized Aluminum
  • 80 character limit
  • Comes with a split ring for easy attachment to your pet's collar

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PagesProduct Description

Don't waste time and money going to the pet store to pay double the price! Our Pet ID tags are delivered right to your door and make the perfect companion for your furry friend. These dependable ID tags are made of lightweight anodized aluminum and are engraved with the latest in laser technology.

Besides being cute and fashionable, these tags are a simple solution to your pet's safety concerns. They can display your name, address, phone number, pet's name, or anything else you want! Is you dog a sports fan? His tag can read "Go Pack Go!". Did you adopt your furry pal? Let your tag show it by saying "Adopted with Love". Our Pet ID tags are a safe, fun way for your dog to express themselves.

Extra Large2"1.45"1.27mm

Notes on Use:

  • The more characters used the smaller the font will be
  • Country Brook Design will use their discretion in choosing font size and text location
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    Country Brook Design cannot be held responsible for misuse of this product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the product for their use.

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