Ruffwear® Campfire Orange Approach Pack™


Ruffwear® Campfire Orange Approach Pack™ (Main)

  • Ruffwear® Campfire Orange Approach Pack™ (Main)
  • Ruffwear® Campfire Orange Approach Pack™ (Secondary)
  • Ruffwear® Campfire Orange Approach Pack™ (Lifestyle Shot 1)
  • Ruffwear® Campfire Orange Approach Pack™ (Lifestyle Shot 2)
  • Ruffwear® Campfire Orange Approach Pack™ (Lifestyle Shot 3)

Product Features

  • Made with durable nylon material
  • Pack capacity is ideal for overnight adventures
  • Padded assistance handle allows you to help your dog through tough spots on the trail
  • Saddlebags provide a balanced weight distribution
  • Other features include stash pockets, coated zippers, and external gear loops


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PagesProduct Description

Want to take your dog on a more adventurous walk? Try hiking with a Ruffwear Approach™ Pack! This everyday pack provides your dog the ability to efficiently carry a load while still maintaining her ability to explore. The harness is designed for comfort and stability, and incorporates a streamlined shape that will help your dog keep her balance. Your pup will discover the fun of hiking with the Ruffwear Approach™ Pack.

The Ruffwear Approach™ Pack is able to store everything your dog will need for her hike, such as treats, bowls, leashes, and even bottled water. A padded assistance handle is attached to the harness, giving you a quick way to lift your pup over any tough obstacles you two may encounter. There are no excessive straps or attachments as the designers wanted to ensure your dog wouldn't get caught in any bushes or low hanging branches. Your dog will be excited to carry her own supplies on your walks.

It is recommended that your dog carry no more than 25% of their body weight in their pack. If your dog is new to dog packs, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load. Allow time for your pup to become accustomed to wearing the pack.

StickpinNotes on Use

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