TarHong Meow Meow Saucer Melamine Pet Bowl


TarHong Meow Meow Saucer Melamine Pet Bowl

  • TarHong Meow Meow Saucer Melamine Pet Bowl
  • TarHong Meow Meow Saucer Melamine Pet Bowl - Bottom View

Product Features

  • Made with 100% melamine
  • Featuring a Meow Meow design
  • Food and dishwasher safe
  • Functional for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bowls and Feeders: Food and Water Bowls
  • Theme: Animals

Item #: CBW-MMS-1

UPC: 789313946600

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PagesProduct Description

Eat in style with TarHong's beautiful cat saucers. Their colorful designs stand out when compared to plain bowls. This saucer features adorable cats sitting around the inside of the bowl. The black silhouettes circle the inside of the bowl, wanting some food as well! Meow text in red is also printed on the bottom of the bowl, giving a cute finish to the gorgeous bowl. Your kitten will love eating out of this stylish bowl.

Each cat saucer is made of 100% pure melamine. Melamine is lightweight and durable, making moving the cat saucer incredibly easy. These saucers are also coated with a food-safe LG coating. This coating will protect the saucer while also adding a vibrant gloss finish. TarHong's cat saucers are dishwasher safe as well as break resistant. A non-skid silicone base will prevent your pets from sliding the saucer and causing an accident. Let your cat eat in style with these gorgeous cat saucers.

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